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Welcome to East Sussex in Figures

East Sussex in Figures (ESiF) is a Local Information System that provides the latest statistics on the social, economic and demographic character of East Sussex and its communities.

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Shielded patients by age group and gender – new data now available
Covid-19 economic vulnerability index – new data published showing  the number and percentage of jobs and employees at risk because of the Coronavirus crisis
Government grants to small businesses because of Covid-19 – new data now published
Benefit combinations – new table with DWP data showing the number on out of work benefits

Updated tables

Live births by ward, mothers country of birth and age, and fertility rates – 2019 data now available
Claimant Count including JSA and UC – August 2020 data added to all tables
People claiming Universal Credit – August 2020 data now available
Households on Universal Credit – updated for February 2020
ESA and IB claimants – now with February 2020 data
DLA and PIP claimants – updated for February 2020
Housing completions by affordability and land type – data for April 2020 added
Housing commitment by land type and site size – updated for April 2020
Further education skills and achievements – updated for 2018/19
Apprenticeships – updated for 2018/19
Small area population mid-year estimates – now with 2019 data

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Archive News

There were 4,677 births in the county in 2019, the lowest number since 2002. Almost a quarter of these births were to mothers who were born outside the UK.

In February 2020 there were 32,190 people claiming DLA and PIP because of sickness or a disability in the county.

2,980 started apprenticeships in East Sussex in 2018/19, 170 (6%) more than in the previous year, but 24% fewer than in 2016/17.

In East Sussex, 1,852 new homes were completed in 2019/20, 118 more than in the previous year. This is the highest level of development for at least 18 years.